Dear friends and fellow gear heads,

Monterey Car Week 2016 just concluded
and we find ourselves evaluating the many impressions and results of auctions
and private talks with friends and colleagues.

In short, the market for
collector cars is adjusting down, there is no denying it. Yes, some records were
set again for outstanding one of a kind cars (21.78 mill for a 55 Jaguar D-Type
Roadster), but overall, prices were down and many cars did not sell or sold
below estimates. The sell through rate was the lowest since 2000. I also was not
impressed with the quality of many offerings. Overpriced mediocrity was present
everywhere. Unfortunately, auction catalog descriptions and reality did not
always meet.

Our long held believe, that investing in the highest quality
has been proven once more as top tier cars still find buyers at strong prices,
while the cosmetically prepped beaters are sitting everywhere.  

As the market

softens, I believe we will see more mediocre cars coming to market from sellers
trying to achieve results from two years ago. We already see this in certain
models where strong supply is chasing the buyers.

A positive side effect of a turning market may be, that some of the speculators
will get out and turn to different investments leaving the classic cars for the
real enthusiasts. At least I would hope so!

At 2shores, we take pride in offering the best
quality cars at competitive prices. We always try to find the few, truly special
cars for our clients. This concept is the proven winner in times of uncertainty,
because quality and originality will always prevail. After all, a classic car’s
main attraction should be its beauty, its sound and smell and the way it makes
you feel driving it, not its value.





If you have a car that you are thinking about selling and you feel that the auction circus is not quite the right thing for you, please give me a call! Personal attention and full discretion is guaranteed. I am an enthusiast, just like you and I know how to market your car to our worldwide customers. With over 20 years of experience, I can help making the process of buying or selling a collectable automobile stressfree and profitable. Call me at your convenience to discuss your needs..

We are actively looking for top notch collector cars and we routinely receive top results for our clientele.

Quality, not quantity is our philosophy.

Please take a look at our website and see, how our consignment program will work for you:

Jurgen Rott


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