Well, the first big auction week of 2019 is just behind us and overall, the market seems to continue to correct from the hype years we had. The auction companies continue to average good results, but upon closer research it seems like a lot of cars struggled to achieve their estimates.

With a strong economy and a booming stock market money is invested again and a lot of speculators are not buying cars right now.

For the buying enthusiast in the mid range segment of 100-250k times are good and inventory is high. One could say it is a bit of a buyer's market. The cars below 100k are also in good supply, but quality is becoming more and more of a factor. As time progresses, the cars of interest for the next generation are changing too. We have seen strong demands for some Japanese models, in particular 240Zs. Also the so called midyear models of the 911 segment, the formerly forgotten impact bumper cars gain more and more followers. Not surprising as they are the perfect mix of pure, low-tech air-cooled fun and dependability. Porsche SC and 3.2 on the rise!!

Porsche 964 and 993 are gathering more and more interest as well. Again, quality being the most important factor. We do think that the market will continue to be selective. The European industry buyers struggle with high inventory and a relatively weak Euro buying power. This will have an effect on the market. Some EU countries face certain challenges from lawmakers that could perhaps make the ownership of a classic car somewhat more complicated in the years to come. We will see.

All of this is part of a correction process that started in 2016 and will likely continue. In the end, the high quality car with good history will be the winner and many, superficially beautified "dogs" will remain unsold. I like this process and working with buyers that are far better educated and not in the speculation part of the hobby, things will be good!







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