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914-6 Rennsport

Correct 914-6, 3 owner documented car.  The car was built about 6 or 7 years ago. It actually competed in Rennsport 1 at Lyme Rock Park. 

This 914-6 was built as a "cost no object" project.  The car was completely disassembled down to the tub, steel flares were butt welded on. It has a full roll cage that's bolted in, custom front oil cooler, brand new Patrick racing fuel cell.  The engine is a 3.6 that was fully rebuilt with Jerry Woods cams  & valve springs. The motor has Italian Weber 46's, crank fire twin plug ignition with 6 coils, jet hot coated headers. Horsepower is around 325. 
The transmission has been converted to a 915 using all the best components, including a new quaife differential & Wevo conversion kit. There is also a Wevo shifter in the car. There is an oil cooler with a separate electric pump for the transmission. 
The suspension is Bilstein RSR front struts, with custom valving & springs. The rears are coil over Bilsteins also with custom valving & springs. 

The brakes are Porsche mono block black in front, and 930 Turbo front calipers in the rear. 
Overall condition of the car is a 10 mechanically, 9.5 cosmetically.  There are a few stone chips on the front & some on the rear wheel flares.  All the gaps & body lines are great.  There is none or never was any rust in this car. The deck lid & trunk lid are both fiberglass. 
Featured in Porsche Excellence Magazine.
Over 60000 US$ spent to build.
325 horsepower, 2000 lbs.  Yes, it's stupid fast!

 Car is SOLD!!

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