What our customers say about us

Grant Ecker-USA:
"Jurgen marketed several of my personal collector cars in the past and I am looking forward to do more business with him in the future!"

John W. Levin-Denmark
"Either way, this is minor issues and the overall appearance and condition is still fantastic and I'm very happy!  It has been great to deal with you and please feel free to use me as a reference to others if you wish."

Dr. med. Avery Alexander-USA
"I just picked up the red 911E. What a great car! Different from my green 911S in ways that I am only now starting the realize. I definitely appreciate the 911S more now by driving the 911E."

Todd Coleman-USA
"The car is here. Fantastic car! I am very particular, and rarely receive a car I don't tend a few things wrong with. The only thing I could find is that the ash tray will not stay up. Otherwise, this is as close to flawless as I could ever find. It looks great sitting next to my silver 1997 911 Twin Turbo."

Chris Barnes-Australia

"Hi Jurgen,
Just a couple of photos to show that it did, eventually, get here.
I’m very pleased with the car, and with the way that you do business.
Keep your eye out for the 2.4 ‘S’ and /or maybe the E type roadster.
Regards, and best wishes for the New Year.

Dave Imes-USA

"The car was as good or better than described."

Tom Price-USA

"Jurgen, I received and drove the Corvette today. The car is fabulous and accurately described. Thank You!

Lance De St. Croix-USA

Hi Jurgen, I am just following up with you to let you know that I purchased that 85 Porsche Carrera yesterday (08/07/12). I enjoyed seeing your shop, and Lake Mills WI. After I bought the Porsche my son, Elliott, and I had a picnic lunch in the park on Pioneer Road before leaving town and heading back to Minneapolis. The drive was wonderful although hot, windy and noisy. But I loved every moment because I was back behind the wheel of a 911.
My experience in dealing with you and Scott, even if short, was outstanding. I truly hope that I can meet you someday to talk about life and maybe Porsches.

David Gutierrez-USA

Selling my car through 2Shores was a pleasure.  Thank you Jurgen as it was a delight working with you.  Your process, your prompt communication on all aspects and your attention to detail made the whole effort easy and enjoyable.  I certainly hope that we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.
David Gutierrez 

George Solhan-USA

"My experience with 2Shores in selling my 1975 Carrera (which I drove for 37 years since new) was outstanding. Jurgen's  knowledge of the market, access to experts in preparation and photography, intuition about buyers' desires and expectations, national and international network, skill in marketing my car, and fairness and integrity in dealing with me and several potential buyers were truly impressive. It was a "win-win-win" for all concerned. Happy to answer questions via email.
George W. Solhan
Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.)



Gert Germitsch-Switzerland
"...mein Gesamteindruck des Buicks ist sehr gut. Ich bin vollauf zufrieden und empfehle Sie gerne weiter."

Steve Tillack-USA www.tillackco.com :
"Received the Porsche in good order, drove it home....the long road home. Sweet Car!"

David Martinez-Mexico:
"The car arrived here last Saturday at 10am. I took it for a 30 minutes ride..It is just wonderful."

Nick Taylor-Australia:
"..just a quick note to thank you again. The car is all packed and leaves for Sydney tomorrrow. I owe you one!"

Tom Papadopoulos-USA www.autosportdesigns.com :
"The car is very nice and as described, it actually drives quite nicely."

Sergio Asensio-USA

"Hi Jurgen,
Just wanted to let you know that Fritz has arrived in Virginia.  We were on hand to greet the driver from Sunday Transport (James).  He was wonderful to deal with.  The car looks beautiful. Oh, and thanks for all the materials you sent along with the car!
Thank you Jurgen.  It's been a pleasure working with you".
Sincerely, Serge Asensio

Eric Schloesser-Germany

"Nachdem ich die Scheinwerfer für den TÜV umgerüstet habe und er angemeldet ist, hoffe ich auf ein paar schöne und trockene Tage und schicke ihnen dann  natürlich ein paar schöne Bilder.
Auch von unten sieht er wirklich gut aus! Die Edelstahl-Wärmetauscher sehen auch sehr gut aus und hören sich noch besser an! Danke Schlösser"

Mark Lunenburg-USA

"Dear Jurgen,
After inspection, I hereby wish to complete purchase of the car. It is a fantastic driver and the color in person is much better than in the photos. The car runs great, and is much "tighter" than other RS's I have driven, and I am very excited to have it."

Frank Lange-Germany

"Hallo Jürgen!
Nach nun eigentlich viel zu langer Zeit habe ich endlich meine Corvette zu Hause, wenngleich auch nur mit Kurzzeitkennzeichen. Morgen früh sollte dann auch die letzte Hürde genommen sein und ich hoffe, dass ich das Kennzeichen TDO - C1 H nun mit Vorführung des Fahrzeugs auch erhalte....
Was für ein Auto!!!!!! Einfach nur genial - von dem aussergewöhnlich gutem Erscheinungsbild mal abgesehen! Es ist eine Wucht und die Begeisterung wird so schnell nicht verfliegen..."

Thomas Ettl-Germany

"Lieber Herr Rott, wie geht es Ihnen? Wir genießen hier noch ein paar wunderschöne sonnige Tage – letztes Wochenende war ich mit dem Targa noch in den Bergen unterwegs. Alles in allem ein tolles Auto. In zwei Wochen habe ich noch einen kompletten Werkstatt-Check hier bei Porsche inkl. Aufnahme ins Classic-Card-Programm vor mir, dann geht es ab in den Winterschlaf…"



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